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Automated Review Email

Option for customers to leave reviews directly through the customer portal

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The Automated review email allows you to send a review link to clients after their job is completed.

This email will only be added to your list of emails by request. You will be able to see it following the path shown here.

Manage > Communications > Automated Emails.

Below is a sample of the review link email. This will be formatted according to the email layout of your company.

Email Verbiage (RED): Customizable text area. This area of the email will use "Thank you again for choosing {Company Name}" by default. You can request other verbiage to be added here

Review Link (ORANGE): This button directs the client to the review portal. This text and button are not customizable.

When selecting the "How did we do?" button it will open the review portal which is shown here:

Company Logo (YELLOW): This is where your company's logo will be displayed

Rate Us (GREEN): Customer is able to rate you 1-5 stars by clicking on the stars.

If the customer leaves a 1-3 star rating it will show the following:

What Could We Do Better? (BLUE): This is a text field that allows the client to provide feedback on your movers/company.

Submit (PURPLE): When the client has finished their feedback, they are able to submit this directly to you. This will only show in the "reviews by customer" report and does not post to any external review sites.

When they enter the 4 or 5 star rating it will automatically post to your "Reviews by Customer" report. It will also provide them with any social media/review sites you'd like them to post reviews on.

They must click the links to post their review to these sites.

Social Icons (BLACK): outbound review links will display here. Clients are able to click the icon to open the review site and post a review.

This opens directly to the review site.

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