When on the final "Quote" Tab, you will scroll all the way to the bottom where the Notes Sections is.
You will then select the "New Event" Button in the left corner of your screen. (RED)

Once selected the window below will open and you will select the blue "Schedule Job" button. (YELLOW).

***Notate that you are booking the job and then click "Schedule Job".***

This will then open your schedule/ calendar.

Once on this screen, click the date the customer wishes to move on.

Doing so will then bring you to your "Daily/ Dispatching Schedule" screen.

NOTE: If you are using the expanded version of the "Daily/Dispatching Schedule" Page please click the button below for detailed Article.

 Day Note (YELLOW) - You may also add notes for each individual day.
You may want to add a note if one of your movers/drivers will be unable to work that day, or a note to your dispatcher of a requested time of arrival, etc.
Simply click the blue "Add Day Note".

Assigning Jobs to Crews (RED) - In order to assign a job to a specific crew, click the “Move” button under the crew you wish to assign it to.
This will pull up the “Confirmation Window”. 

Assigning Crews to Jobs (BLUE) - Allows you to add crew members to a crew.

(If you do not want them assigned to a crew at the time the job is booked, you can place them in the move pool to be assigned at a later time.)

Once you have confirmed all customer information in the "Confirmation Window", scroll to the bottom and click "Save".

The confirmation window will disappear and your "Daily/ Dispatch Schedule" will refresh.

You should now see the customer's job scheduled under the crew you selected.
(or if you selected the "Move Pool", they will now show there.)

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