Confirm Step 1 (RED): Update Locations & Contacts. Allows you to change the origin and destination of the job as needed.

Add Extra Stops (ORANGE): Allows you to add an extra stop between the origin and destination.

Confirm Step 2 (YELLOW): Updates contact info for client. 

Confirm Step 3 (GREEN): Day & Time. Confirms move date and Mover's Arrival Window. Check "Confirmed" when customer has confirmed the arrival window.

Confirm Step 4 (BLUE): Packing Materials. Allows you to add packing materials to the estimate.

Confirm Step 5 (PURPLE): Payment & Authorization. Here you can take payment for the job or prompt the customer to pay their deposit in the customer portal.

Job Color (PINK): Change the color of the job as it appears on the dispatch page.

Final Confirmation (BLACK): Save job to schedule with the green "Save" button. Re-schedule job for a different day with the blue "Re-schedule Job" button. Cancel Job with the red "Cancel Job" button. 

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