Confirm Step 1 (RED): Update Locations & Contacts. Allows you to change the origin and destination of the job as needed.

Add Extra Stops (ORANGE): This allows you to add an extra stop between the origin and destination.

Confirm Step 2 (YELLOW): Updates contact info for the client. 

Confirm Step 3 (GREEN): Day & Time. Confirms move date and Mover's Arrival Window. Check "Confirmed" when the customer has confirmed the arrival window.

Confirm Step 4 (BLUE): Packing Materials. Allows you to add packing materials to the estimate. You can also add documents to the account that will appear on the job and dispatch page for the foreman to see on the job. The job on the dispatch page will look like this when the document is attached.

Confirm Step 5 (PURPLE): Payment & Authorization. Here you can take payment for the job or prompt the customer to pay their deposit in the customer portal.

Job Color (PINK): Change the color of the job as it appears on the dispatch page.

Final Confirmation (BLACK): Save job to schedule with the green "Save" button. Re-schedule job for a different day with the blue "Re-schedule Job" button. Cancel-Job with the red "Cancel Job" button. 

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