To get to the "Sales By Customer" Reports Tab you will follow the Tabs below:
Reports--->Sales--->Sales By Customer  (refer to the image below)

Once you select the "Sales By Customer" option you will see the screen below:

  • (RED): The area in red is where you will enter in the Date Ranges for the report you are generating.

  • (ORANGE): You can use this drop down menu to select the different Branches of your Company. (if applicable)

  • (GREEN): You can select whether you would like the Report based off of "Closed Out Date" or "Move Date".

  • (BROWN): "Billed jobs" this checkbox will allow you to view the jobs that have not yet been paid, but have been billed.

  • (LIGHT BLUE): Once you've selected your Date Ranges you will click the "View" Button.

  • (DARK BLUE): This button gives you the option to export to a PDF File.

  • (PURPLE): This button gives you the option to export to a CSV File.

  • (PINK): Highlighted in Pink is the breakdown of the jobs on the report being generated. You can see the Customer Name, the Date of the Move, the Representative that created the original Estimate, and the Sale Amount.
    At the bottom you will also see a TOTAL Sales Amount.

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