Updates / New Features

  1. We have created a brand new feature for the "Crew Schedule Page" where our schedule now has the ability to be set by trucks and then block out time based on trucks. If you would like this activated for your system please let us know.

  2. In the Customer Portal we set to allow the log to show larger as before it was only able to show it small.

  3. For customers using the Digital Bill of Ladings and Digital Addendum's we have added where it will allow them to view these in the customer portal so the customer can see and print them off if needed.

  4. For companies that have the e-sign setup for their customers to see in the Customer Portal when the customer signs you will now get a notification on the left hand side similar to how a new lead looks.

  5. When doing an estimate with a customer now, on page 1 "Move Info" we have the day of week show prior to each day to the left of the capacity bar.

  6. Addendums in the customer portal are now able to be printed by the customer.

  7. The employee names in the Payroll reports are now separated so you can sort by first and last name.

  8. For customers using authorize.net and Paypal as their payment gateway to process credit cards you may now issue refunds on payments previously processed by going to the customer account and clicking on payments.

Bug Fixes

  1. In some situations customers would find that discounts would not show up in the customer portal. This is fixed.

  2. The report for "Booked by Move Date" in some situations was not reflecting the correct amounts. This is fixed.

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