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July 2017 Updates and Bug Fixes
July 2017 Updates and Bug Fixes
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Updates / New Features

  1. Customers using the Digital Invoice / B.O.L. option are now able to have the completed Digital BOL show in the customer portal for the customers to view and print a pdf copy if they need it.

  2. Companies using the Digital Invoice / B.O.L. option are now able to have their Foreman take payments including credit cards while out in the field with customers.

  3. For Source when logging an event we added "Damage Call" and "Other" to help categorize your events.

  4. We added a new report for ""Booked by Customer" which will show you totals for a set date period and all the customers for bookings.

  5. We changed the link on the Fleet page to the "Nick Name" instead of what it was before being the make.

  6. We added the arrival time for jobs in the customer portal and the estimate PDF for estimates you have done that are scheduled and the time is set for arrival.

  7. We added a new note section to the top of the Customer Portal and PDF estimates which is editable in the settings with a HTML editor where you may added images, text, etc.

  8. In Estimate Settings under "Edit Verbiage" we added new default text that is able to change to what you would like if you want to call it something else. For Instance "Moving Fee", "Total Est Price", etc.

Bug Fixes

  1. We had a few instances that when a prospect was being created but they were already in the system our customers would get an error instead of the selection to merge them or create a new one. This is fixed.

  2. We had some instances that our support live chat intercom was not displaying correctly on the calendar pages in MoveitPro. This is fixed.

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