Updates / New Features

  1. We now offer automatic pricing for long distance tariffs. This is allowing us to be the software provider for many more moving companies as we are now compliant in their states. If your company requires a Tariff please contact us so we can get all of your Tariff setup in you MoveitPro system.

  2. Specialized Bill of Lading compliant for Texas is now down also for Digital Bill of Lading.

  3. Employees within your company with the permission group "Owner Login" can now unclose jobs if needed because of a mistake, etc. You just need to go to the closed out job page for that invoice and click the "Unclose Job" button at the bottom right.

  4. For Digital Bill of Lading and Close Out Jobs page when putting in the start time and end time of the move you are now able to enter in military time if you prefer that over AM/PM.

  5. If your company is connected to QuickBooks Online with your MoveitPro now when closing out a job it will create the invoice in QuickBooks with the actual date of the move not the date you close it out.

  6. We have created a new Report called "BOOKED BY SALES REP" which will show you a report of all the estimates your sales reps have done during a certain time period along with how many booked, and then what their closing ratio percentage is.

  7. We have created a new Report called "BOOKED BY MOVE DATE" which will show you a report of all the estimates your sales reps have done by sorting by the actual move date with how many booked, and then what the closing ratio was for a specific day.

  8. On the close out jobs page now if you click on the "Invoice Number" it will open a copy of the Digital Bill of Lading.

  9. For customers using a merchant within MoveitPro you are able to set for the system to automatically the day before do an authorization of your customers credit card to be captured later after the job. This is to protect your company and will essentially hold the money on the customers account to make sure they have the money to pay you.

Bug Fixes

  1. In certain scenarios movers hours were not reflecting right on the Digital Bill of Lading. This is fixed.

  2. On the PDF generated Invoice / BOL forms in some scenarios the Subtotal was incorrectly aligned. This is fixed.

  3. On page 6 of the estimate on Guaranteed Quotes there was some customers experiencing the please wait spinning wheel of forever-ness. This is fixed.

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