Updates / New Features

  1. We added a new report under the reports tab called "Booked By Sales Rep" located in REPORTS > BOOKED > BOOKED BY SALES REP. This report will show you the Employee, Total Estimated, Total Estimated Amount, Total Booked, Total Booked Amount, and Percentage of Moves Booked all based on the employee. This is a great tool to see who your better Sales Reps are and reward them.

  2. Now instead of just getting kicked out of system when your username logs in from another computer or your session expires you will now get a message when this happens.

  3. In the customer portal when a customer clicks on "Book this Move" you have the ability to display custom text here. Something similar to (Booking this move here is still subject to our availability.) This is able to be edited under MANAGE > ADMIN > SETTINGS > the Customer Portal tab.

  4. On page 6 of the estimate quote page if the estimate is not 100% and not saved if you click on the "New Event" button at the bottom right it will now display 2 options one to log event and save, and one to log event and leave estimate un saved. This is to help with new user confusion.

  5. We added a new notes section to the estimates called "INTERNAL NOTES" which will be notes that are only shown on the estimate within MoveitPro. Only your estimators, and office staff will see these. This is a good place to put notes about the job or customer that you would not want your actual crew to see.

  6. Updated notification popup that displays if you are adding a credit card for a customer and it is either a bad number or the card is declined.

  7. We added some color and design changes for the "Dispatch / Crew Schedules" page to better enhance user experience and match our corporate branding better.

  8. We created a new automated email trigger for sending out automated emails when a payment is made from a customer. If you would like this setup please contact us and we will do this for you.

Bug Fixes

  1. For our customers using Digital Invoice / BOL when using the field discount time sometimes it would not calculate the discount time properly by either removing to much or not enough from the crews hours. This is fixed.

  2. In the close out jobs page if a move was discounted completely making the total job price of $0.00 the system would not allow you to close out the job. This is fixed.

  3. In certain scenarios additional services were not being reflected when printing the PDF version of the Invoice / BOL. This is fixed.

  4. For some of our customers they were experiencing where digital invoices would not show for the current day after 7:00pm. This is fixed.

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