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April 2017 Updates and Bug Fixes
April 2017 Updates and Bug Fixes
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Updates / New Features

  1. On the crew schedule page you can now rename your crews simply by clicking on the crew name and then it gives you the ability to change it.

  2. Companies are now able to opt to not have to use the adjusted estimate editing feature. We can now setup your system if you would like to just simply edit estimates and it actually edit the original estimate. The only downfall of this is it does not leave a very good audit trail.

  3. For companies linked to QuickBooks when you now click "Bill Job" on the close out job page it will now create a invoice automatically in realtime in your quickbooks where you can easily send from within quickbooks to your customers.

  4. For companies that are using the digital invoicing / BOL when your movers are done you are able to have a email sent out immediately after the mover hits to Submit the move which will go to the customer as a receipt including showing the customers signatures, etc. This all shows in the portal where they are also able to see their original estimate, etc.

Bug Fixes

  1. For Manual Payroll Entries anything less than 1 hour was causing the employee to still show 0. This is fixed.

  2. In certain cases if a company on their identity page had a space after their email address the outbound emails would not go out properly for the account. This is fixed.

  3. For companies with multiple branches and different logo's for each branch the logo's were not consistent on their live chat showing in the customer portal. This is fixed.

  4. If companies had a space in their first name or last name like a double last name when the job would be closed out it would not import into Quickbooks. This is fixed.

  5. When adding images on the Inventory tab during estimate, the page refreshes after an image is added and it removes the sqf, estimated boxes, and move size. This is fixed.

  6. In certain instances travel time was showing incorrectly because of a change that google api made which is what we use for calculating distance and time. This is fixed.

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