1. Printing your Bill of Lading and terms and conditions with one button. Now you can print the front and back page with one button just hit print inside the bill of lading and it will download a pdf with both front and back for a convenient printing process

  2. Symbol Key on the Dispatch Page. In addition to the improved customer portal, which your client's will love, we have also rolled out an update for our office users! You will now find a symbol key on the dispatch page to easily identify symbols indicating the status of a job.

  3. Smart search for Addresses. There have been many requests to allow the system to automatically suggest addresses similar to a web search. We are happy to announce that this development has been completed and has deployed.

  4. The floor of a room is now adjustable. On the second step of the estimate we have added the ability to correct, or amend the floor which a room is located.

  5. Now you can text the customer their estimate/. Now you can easily send a link to the customer's estimate/invoice to both email and text message with one button

Bug Fixes:

  1. Pricing modified when an Estimate was adjusted. In a few reported instances the pricing of an estimate was found to have changed despite selecting "No" when asked if the user would like to recalculate the price. This has been corrected.

  2. New Online Estimate Request Notification displaying intermittently. It was reported that on occasion the alert indicating a new online estimate request would not initially appear. Our engineering team has identified and updated the coding to account for these conditions.

  3. Payments Received Report missing items when exported. The Payments Received report was found to deviate from the in system report when exported as a .csv file. This has been corrected.

  4. Labor Travel Time not factoring/adjustable on the invoice. A recent functionality improvement was found to conflict with the previously defined calculation for the employee travel time. This has been corrected, in addition to a faster response time.

  5. Unable to create Time Block. Under certain conditions, it was reported that a time block was unable to be added successfully to the dispatch page. This issue has been identified and resolved.

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