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April 2017 Updates and Bug Fixes
April 2017 Updates and Bug Fixes
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Updates / New Features

  1. We have changed many of the colors of buttons throughout the app to better appeal to our branding and design. This includes buttons in the customer data pages and customer estimates.

  2. Enhanced security for all levels of our application to protect us from hackers, DDoS Attacks, and thousands of other attacks that could effect user security, usability, and server architecture.

  3. Changed the title in the navigation for "PDF INVOICE TEXT" to "BOL / INVOICE TEXT".

  4. Digital Bill of Lading is now available for all companies at no charge. This will allow your movers to take a internet connected tablet and digitally do the bill of lading without you needing to print out all the BOL paperwork. This allows your customers to e-Sign, auto calculate, and essentially automate the entire BOL process. If you would like help getting this setup contact us and we will guide you through it. Read more about the Foreman Dashoboard...
    Read more about the Digital Bill of Lading...

  5. We created a new setting for "Default Estimate Notes". This will allow your company to set Estimate Notes that will automatically apply to all estimates that you do by default. You can then edit or delete them if you like on a per estimate basis. Read more...

  6. The close out jobs page under accounting is now fully sort-able. You can sort all the columns by "Move Date, Customer, Estimate #, Invoice #, Est. Date, Rep, Miles, Est. Weight, Est. Price, Trucks, and Men".

  7. Added the ability to enter in your Google Analytics ID, so that when your prospects fill out the MoveitPro form that is located on your website you can keep track of which ones came from your PPC, Remarketing, etc. as well as view how many submissions have been made all within your Google Analytics account.

  8. When on page 1 of the estimate "Move Info" for location types we added "Senior Community". This will now help you better describe the locations you will be moving to and from.

Bug Fixes

  1. Some customers were getting a error when trying to proceed within a estimate from Page 1 to Page 2 if the estimate came from a iframe. This is fixed.

  2.  Some customers when creating an estimate in the Origin and Destin were getting a default value for address that was not actually accurate. This is fixed.

  3. Google sync was not reflecting right for some multi day moves. This is fixed.

  4. When adding a 2nd day for a move the arrival times were linked and could not be different from day to day for multi day moves. This is fixed.

  5. Some jobs in Google Calendar were showing only 30 minute duration instead of what they actually should have been as for actual job time. This is fixed.

  6. When exporting Payroll PDF it was not showing manual entries for employees. This is fixed.

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