Identity Overview

To get to this page you will need to go to Manage>Admin>settings>corprate>Identity.

The information on this page is immense.

This article will go over the key features and how they pertain to your systems and estimates.

When You first Select corporate Identity You will be brought to this page. On this main page, you will be able to upload your logo when you log in and as you navigate through the pages.

Below are the payment types that appear on the closeout jobs invoice and the setting to allow you to collect payment on the digital invoice.

At the bottom of this page, you will see the information below. If you click on the pencil you will see a lot more information.

Here you will see the settings for your contact information that appears at the top of your Bill of Lading.

Quote Type as shown above is where you would set the default estimate type for all of your estimates.

The important settings below are:

Client portal Logo: This puts your logo on the client portal that the customer can see when looking at their estimate

Client Portal Background: This allows you to choose which colors you want your client portal to be.

Estimate and Sales Credit: These are the settings that indicate who and how someone gets credit for booking a job.

Default Arrival Window: This will be the default time frame on all booking confirmation pages for the earliest that you can start a job.

Phone Number/Email Bookings: When booking a job, you can choose whether or not it is mandatory to have an email and phone number in order to book a job.

Here you are able to enable a cover sheet for your printable jobs as well as create pre and post checklists.

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