Adding Past Clients

Adding Past Clients

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In order to add past clients into the system, you are going to hit the little person icon as shown in the screenshot below.

Clicking this icon will cause the window to pop up. You would then fill it out like it is shown below.

Keep in mind, the company only allows a client to be searched for by the company name instead of first and last.

From here You would then hit the Blue Create Button shown in the BLACK box below

Once you hit create, it will bring you to the account data page for the client you just created. Now if this customer ever calls again, you can pull up their account and hit the green estimate button shown in the RED Box.

The Purple Box is where you can upload past documents from the old clients in case you want to see what was done during the previous move.

To Add documents click the add document button in the screenshot below and then choose the file from your computer and then hit the green button on the right-hand side.

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