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Getting ready for your MoveitPro Onboarding
Getting ready for your MoveitPro Onboarding

This guide will go over everything we need you to set up to make your training as smooth as possible

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Apps we need you to download for onboarding

First, we HIGHLY recommend downloading and using Google Chrome as your browser when using the software. Our software is optimized and tested for Google Chrome as it is accessible on all devices.

Next, we will also need you to download Zoom. We use zoom as our video meeting app of choice and we need you to download zoom as it gives us access to more tools to help in training.

If you do not have an Email Header we need that in as soon as possible to start sending out your emails. MoveItPro's awesome design time also offers to design a header for your company as well for a 1 time $100 fee.

If you want MoveItPro to design your header let your account manager know. The process takes time, so act quickly to have your emails sent out as soon as possible.

If you do plan on setting up your own we will need it to be a 750 x 228 .png file

Getting into the zoom meeting and sharing your screen

When you are getting on your meeting we need you to join on your computer or device you will be mainly using the software on. We highly recommend having a Microphone and headphones or headset. You can also call in on your phone you will see in the email you receive there will be a number that you can call in on and you can connect to the call via your phone.

Once you are connected to Zoom we will need you to share your screen. You will see a green Share Screen button or a Share Content button.

Once you click on the Share button it will ask you what to share you will select either screen or desktop depending on your device.

Once you are sharing screen we can begin your Onboarding process

Again thank you for joining MoveItPro we will see you soon.

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