To access the Valuation calculations you will go to your estimate settings

Then you’ll want to go to Hourly Service Quoted Defaults (RED)

RED: Hourly service quoted defaults- this is the tab I will be using for this example. The setting also appears in Guaranteed and Not To Exceed service quoted defaults settings.

LIME GREEN: This is the new setting for minimum valuation. Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to edit the values.

GREEN: Dollar amount of coverage

PURPLE: This is where you can change the verbiage for the line item.

BLUE: Dollar amount per 100 lbs of coverage the customer will be paying for the coverage

If we take a look at this example estimate:

So in this example we can see we have the weight of the move, 2863 lbs (RED), multiplied by the $4.0 per LB coverage (GREEN), this means the customer will have $11,452 worth of coverage.

The customer will pay $0.75 per $100 of coverage, coming out to the $85.88 (BLUE) we see in the price breakdown.

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