In BOL/ Invoice Settings, the "BOL, V2" should be selected in order for the ProApp to work. This is where you will need to adjust settings.

On "FIRST STEP Bol Text,"

Scroll all the way to the bottom and add this text into "INVOICE NOTE V2"

This is a contract for moving services and is subject to the terms
and conditions on the front and back of this document and any

TXDMV REQUIRED NOTIFICATION: A household goods carrier’s liability for loss or damage to any shipment is $0.60 per pound, per article, unless the carrier and shipper agree, in writing, to a greater level of liability.


I have received the pamphlet of 'Rights & Responsibilities' When You Move in Texas.


We accept *insert forms of payments accepted* as payment. Transportation charges are due *insert when charges are due.*

On "THIRD STEP Verbiage," mirror the checkboxes in the image below and paste the corresponding signature texts pasted beneath the image.

Signature 2 text: The below signed authorizes the above moving services.

Signature 4 text: The below signed accepts delivery of the shipment.

Signature 6 text: I will not be present at my shipment's destination but authorize the delivery. I accept delivery of my shipment.

**This article was written on 08/06/2021 and is up to date as we understand the Texas laws. We are not responsible if something was overlooked, it is ultimately the individual company's job to ensure their BOL is compliant in their state. This is a guidline**

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