Updates / New Features

  1. When using the search on the inventory page after you select the item you were searching for and then click back in the search field the search will now auto clear so you do not need to backspace what you last searched for.

  2. When on page 1 of the estimate "Move Info" for location types we added "Warehouse" and "Warehouse / Dock Height". This will now help you better describe the locations you will be moving to and from.

  3. Changed side background colors, changed header at top, and changed icons above search area to better match our company branding and give a better feel to our users.

  4. Added a new calendar called "Office" which will be a shared calendar for all office tasks. This will allow you to schedule on-sites and specify which employee will be handling them and who is not available, etc. This can be found by going to "SCHEDULE > OFFICE". Items added to this calendar will also show as notifications on the left hand side for who is assigned to the task. Read more...

  5. Added field "Arrival Time"  to the printable "Work Order" so that you can easily see what time a job is scheduled for arrival.

  6. Redesigned both the short and long estimate quote forms to be more appealing as well as more mobile responsive. These new forms now support all mobile devices including Android and iPhone's as well as of course all browsers that your customers could be using. These changes should already be on your existing website under your Estimate pages as they use the same code

  7. We have added a new dynamic tag for the automated emails for "Arrival Time" so if you have an arrival time specified for a booked job it can display it to the customer in the email they receive confirming their move.

  8. For estimates with multiple floors the system will now default the all inventory to the lowest floor selected instead of the highest. This will help you get a more accurate estimate.

  9. We removed the floor selection from the iframe estimate form used on our customers websites for the page 2 inventory page. Some of our moving companies customers would not pay attention to the form and would use the floor selector for quantity instead of for floor so we have removed it.

Bug Fixes

  1. Sometimes when adding additional services to a estimate they would not reflect in the customer portal. This is fixed.

  2. We moved the messenger window for inter-office chat and chatting with customers over to the left so it is not showing behind the intercom icon for chatting with our support staff. This is fixed.

  3. On certain scenarios the "Scheduled Move" email was either going out delayed or not going out at all. This is fixed.

  4. Some customers were having problems on some of the pages while using MoveitPro on iPads and similar tablets. This is fixed.

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