If your company opts to go paperless with their Invoices / Bill of Ladings (BOL), all crew leaders will need logins created for them, and they will need Foreman permissions in MoveitPro.

(You will need to contact our support team to grant these permissions as needed)

From the dashboard, the Foreman will be able to see the following...

  1. Foreman Overview (Red) - all jobs assigned to the foreman will be displayed here in a list. He will be able to view the customers' estimates if needed (no changes may be made) and to open the Invoice(s) / BOL(s) for the customer's listed.

  2. Task Tab (Yellow) -allows Foremans to view any tasks assigned to them. They will also receive the task notification on the left side of the screen on the day the task was assigned for.

  3. Interoffice Chat (Green) - allows Foremans to chat with users in your office who are logged into the system at that time.

  4. Support Chat (Black) - allows Foremans to chat with MoveitPro's support team at any point in time if assistance is needed.

Note: If a Foreman has other permissions within the system, their dashboard may look different than the image shown above (this is if an employee has ONLY the Foreman permission in the system).

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