After completing an estimate for a customer, they will immediately receive an email that will contain a link directing them to their own Customer Portal.

(This portal is customized for each Company with your Company's Logo appearing at the top.)

In the customer portal, the customer will be able to see and access the following information:

  • Company Information (red): On the top of the portal, the customer will see your company's information and logo.

  • Portal Options (blue): From their portal, customers will have the option to edit/update certain information within their estimate.
    - "Update Contact Information": Customers may update their contact information or add an additional contact person
    - "Edit Estimate": Customers may update their addresses or inventory.
    - "Request Move Date": Customers may request the date they want to schedule their move. Your company may either accept or decline the date selected.
    - "Decline Estimate": This option allows customers to decline their estimate if they have chosen not to move with your company.
    - "Print Estimate": This option allows the customer to print their estimate if needed.

  • E-Sign for Customer's Estimate (yellow): This will give your customer the ability to sign off on their estimate.

  • Estimate (green): In the center of the portal will be the customer's estimate that was just given to them.

Note: If the customer changes and/or makes any updates to their estimate, the system will notify you of these changes. These notifications will appear as a flashing red exclamation point on the Notifications bar, shown below (purple).

  • Live Chat (orange): If a customer has a question while reviewing their estimate or if they would like to speak with one of your employees for whatever reason, they may utilize the chat feature by clicking the Live Chat button on the bottom right of the portal.

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