You can monitor any Task assigned in the system, whether assigned to you or another user by selecting the "Tasks" Tab at the top of the screen.

You can either select "All" (in orange) to view all assigned tasks, "My Tasks" (in yellow) to view only tasks assigned to you, or "Tasks for Others" (in green) to view only tasks assigned to others.

You can view Tasks based on the Status (All, Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Waiting, Deferred, and Past Due).

All of the Tasks in the system can be viewed on the table above.
The table is broken down into the following:
Task Type (RED) - what the task is
Assigned By (ORANGE) - who assigned the task
Assigned To (YELLOW) - who is to complete the task
 Client Name (GREEN) - the account or person the task is for
Contact Person (BLUE) - client's point of contact
Priority (PURPLE)- how important the task is
Status (PINK) - the progress of the task
Due Date "When" (BROWN) - when the task should be completed
Options to Edit or Delete each Task (LIME) - for managers to adjust or delete tasks 

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