On the top of your screen you will notice 5 icons. You may click the center icon to begin creating your task. (see image below).

A "New Task" window should populate requiring the following information:
(see image below for reference)

  1. Prospect/Customer or Person (RED) - if the task needing to be complete is regarding a customer or their estimate, you would want to search for their name so it will link the task to their profile.

  2. Due/When (ORANGE) - Select the date and time the task needs to be completed by or on.

  3. Task Type (YELLOW) - how the task should be categorized. You will see the following categories listed:
         - Call Back
         - Send Email
         - Send Fax
         - Meeting
         - Review
         - Survey/In-Home Estimate (click to see how to schedule survey from the estimate)

  1. Assign To (GREEN) - who the task is being assigned to.

  2. Priority (BLUE) - How important the task is to the user you are assigning it to.

  3. Status (PURPLE) - what is the status of the task?

  4. Comments (PINK) - any comments or directions you would like to leave for the user you are assigning it to.

One all the above information is filled out, click "Create" (TURQUOISE) to finish creating the task.

Once the task is created, on the day and time that the task was assigned, the user will receive a notification on the left side of their screen (RED) (SEE ABOVE IMAGE). 

Admins will be able to see tasks created for each user on the left side of their screen as well (BLUE).

In order to open the task, the user will click the date on the left of their screen for the task they are going to work on and the "Task Details" will open. 

Once the task is started, the user will document the progress under "Status" and leave any comments as needed. 

Clicking "Add comment" will update the task. 

Once the status of a task is marked as complete and "Add comment" is selected, the task will disappear from the left side of that user's screen.

You may also create tasks by clicking the Checkbox Icon (RED) at the top of your screen.

If the task is pertaining to a customer or their estimate, you may also create a task from that customer's "Account Data" page in their profile in the "Tasks" tab (RED). 

New Task (RED): Create a new task to tie directly to the customer

All (ORANGE): Shows all tasks associated with the customer

Status filter (YELLOW): Filters tasks associated with this customer based on their level of completion.

Completed (GREEN): Shows all completed tasks for this customer

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