Assigning Movers & Trucks
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When you are ready to assign movers and trucks to a job, you will need to go to the daily / dispatch screen.

Note: Crews are not pre-set in the system. You will need to assign the men and trucks you want for each crew for each individual day.

From this screen, click the small black box-truck icon on the right of the crew you are wanting to assign for.

A small window will populate - your movers will be listed on the right. Simply highlight the employee(s) you would like to assign on the job under the "Unassigned" (RED) list and click the "Add" (ORANGE) button to move the guy(s) over to the "Assigned" list to the left. 

(refer to the image below)

If you need to remove an employee(s) from the "Assigned" list, just highlight the name of the employee(s) and click the "Remove" (PURPLE) button.

Do the same for "Trucks" (GREEN) and then click "Save" (BLUE)

The window will then disappear, the screen will refresh, and you will then see the truck(s) and initial(s) of the mover(s) you selected. (RED, see image below)

Once your mover(s) are selected, they will also show towards the top right of your Bill of Lading. (RED)

Note: If one of your movers doesn't show, or a change was made to the crew after the job has already been printed, you may correct / add the mover(s) in the Close Out jobs page once the job is complete. 

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