Once all jobs have been confirmed with the customer(s), you will need to print out the invoice/ Bill of Lading (BOL), work-order, and directions for each job.

This can be done on the "Dispatch/ Daily Schedule" screen.

Below the moving date, click "Print Jobs" (RED).

A new "Print Jobs" window will appear.
Here you will see four (4) documents that you can print (see image below).

  • Invoice (RED)

  • Estimate (BLUE)

  • Directions (ORANGE)

  • Print (GREEN): Once you've checked off the Jobs and documents you would like to print, Click the "Print" button in the bottom right hand corner of the "Print Jobs" Window.

The Invoice/ Bill of Lading will then open in your default PDF viewer program. (If you do not have a program to view PDFs on, it will open up in your web browser.)

Note: We recommend using "Adobe Acrobat Reader" as your default PDF viewer program as it allows you to print the document(s) in their actual size. 

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