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Creating a DMARC & DKIM record to ensure proper email delivery
Creating a DMARC & DKIM record to ensure proper email delivery
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In addition to setting up your outgoing email, you are required to create a Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) record and (DKIM) record with your domain name registrar to ensure that all your emails get delivered properly. An DMARC and DKIM record will ensure that emails sent from the specified domain are not marked as spam by any email clients. It can be done quickly, in a matter of minutes, by modifying your Domain Name System


DKIM is a DNS-based email authentication mechanism that helps MoveitPro™ more effectively send mail on your behalf by allowing receivers to verify that we have permission to send your email. To enable DKIM, Create two CNAME records: one with the name with the value, and another with the name and the value (just replace with the domain you're setting up)


DMARC is another DNS-based email authentication mechanism, to set this up create and save a TXT record in your DNS with a host of and a value of v=DMARC1; p=none;


The final step will be a verification, this can be inputted by going creating a next TXT record with the host name as the current domain and the value as the verification code MoveitPro provides. If you do not have the verification code, please reach put to support as this is a unique code per company.

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