Most of our customers use carbon-less paper 2 or 3 part using a dedicated laser printer. Most any laser printer is fine, but below is a great machine that many use if you do not already have a dedicated one.

HP Laserjet 4250n

This is a black and white printer only but is usually perfect for doing all of your BOL's. These printers will print 45 pages per minute, toner/ink usually lasts for over 10,000 pages before needing to be replaced, and these machines are made to print 200,000 pages per month. Needless to say these things are like a tank and you can get newly refurbished ones for under $200.00 from places like ebay and amazon.

Many of our customer have several of these machines. One dedicated for their BOL's and another for everything else like regular printing, work-orders, and directions.

Other laser printers will work as well but MoveitPro™ strongly urges against dot matrix and ink jet printers as they are not made for what you will be doing with our software.

For the paper we order from a company called “Carbonless on Demand” - the phone number is (866) 609-7936. Below is what we order.

  • Item 118, Blank Carbon-less Paper > 8.5 x 11

  • Form Type: 3 Part

  • Form Style: Forward

You can order as low as 500 sheets, it is very inexpensive. Most companies start with 2500 or so depending on volume of moves, which will make 834 invoices at 3 copies and under $100 for the paper. If you only want 2 part just tell them only 2 part meaning only 2 colors.

Most companies that use the 3 part forms get WHITE, YELLOW, and PINK. When they print the jobs they pull the PINK sheet and that stays at the office with a copy of the WORK ORDER so that dispatch will have a hard copy of all the jobs the day of the move incase they need to reference quickly. The WHITE and YELLOW copy, along with a WORK ORDER and DIRECTIONS go out with the crew. The driver gives the YELLOW copy to the customer at the end of the job and the WHITE copy and the WORK ORDER come back to the office. The WHITE copy and WORK ORDER then get stapled and filed away after the move is closed out so that your company has a paper copy filed away of the job. Not all companies do this but many that want to have a paper record of everything if they are not fully trusting of the digital realm.

Many companies will print terms and conditions on the back of their BOL. To do this just load all of your paper in the printer so that the printer will print on the back side. Do a test of 3 pages with the back disclaimer so that you can make sure you have the pages in correctly and that you are not printing on the front. When this is confirmed go ahead and print a full ream of paper which is 500. When this is done then reload the paper back into the printer making sure that it is loaded so it will print on the front. You are now ready to print your BOL's as you need them and you will have all of your terms on the back. If you do not currently have Terms and Conditions MoveitPro™ has one that is made up that is in a word document that we are more than happy to provide to you. This should of course be checked for the terms you need based on your state law for movers.

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