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Pending Jobs Schedule Calendar
Pending Jobs Schedule Calendar
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To get to the pending job calendar you go to the side navigation to "Schedules" and then to "Pending Jobs".

That will then take you to the "Pending Jobs" Schedule as seen below.

As you can see from the above example it is giving you a calendar of your pending jobs along with how many jobs are booked for each day and what the capacity is.

  • RED - The red bar graph is giving you an estimated capacity based on the amount of jobs booked. This again is an estimate as all it is looking at is how many jobs total for the day and not how big the actual jobs are.

  • GREEN - The $ amount shown is the estimated revenue for that day based off of the estimates for those pending jobs not yet booked.

  • ORANGE - The number before "Booked" means how many jobs are booked for that day.

  • YELLOW - The number before "Pending" means how many jobs are estimated but not yet booked for that day.

If you click on a day it will show you the names of the "Pending Jobs" estimates so that you can open their estimate.

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