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There are two ways to get to the "Booked Jobs" calendar.

The first and easiest is to click the "Calendar" icon on the top of every page, next to the "Dispatch" icon as shown below. 

The second way is through the Menu Navigation.

First, select "Schedules" and then continue on to "Booked Jobs" in that dropdown menu.

Both of these ways will take you to the "Booked Jobs" Schedule.

As you can see from the above example, it is displaying a calendar of your booked jobs for the entire month.

Displaying different monthly calendars is achieved by using the arrow buttons (BLACK) in the top right of the calendar, shown below.

To the right of the arrow buttons is a "today" button that will allow you to quickly zero in on the current day. It will appear as a yellow block on the calendar.

Additional Notes:

  • The red bar graph is showing an estimated capacity based on the number of jobs booked. This bar is only an estimate as it shows the number of jobs booked for the day and not the actual size of the jobs.

  • The $ amount shown is the estimated revenue for that day, based on the estimates for those booked jobs.

  • The number before "Jobs" indicates how many jobs are booked for that day.

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