In MoveitPro "Active Customers" are customers that have a move booked in the future that has not been completed yet. In this list you will find all customers with a job on the books that have not been "Closed Out" yet.

To find the "Active" customers go to "CLIENTS> CUSTOMERS > ACTIVE" as seen in the below screenshot and it will display the Active Customers list.

  • NAME (RED): Customer personal name or company name

  • REFERRED BY (ORANGE): How the customer said they found you

  • REP (YELLOW): The rep from your company that originally spoke with the customer

  • STATUS (GREEN): All will be active in this list meaning they have a job booked that has not been completed yet

  • L.C. (BLUE): Last contact. The initials of the last employee that contacted them and the date. If you hover it will display the full name

  • N.C. (PURPLE): Next contact. If there is a task associated with the customer, the date and Rep will be displayed here. 

  • Search (PINK): Here you can search customers by name. You can also choose which columns are displayed in the list from the drop down. 

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