If you need to update contact information for a customer or add additional contacts, you may do so from the "Related People" tab under the customer's profile.

After clicking the "Related People" tab, you will see the customer and all other additional contacts (if added) listed.

Name (RED): Shows the customer's Name.

Email (ORANGE): Shows the customer's Email Address.

Phone (YELLOW): Shows the customer's Phone Number.

Edit (GREEN): To edit the customer's name, email or phone number(s), simply click the green "Edit" button.

Email Status (BLUE): Shows whether a customer is "Subscribed" to emails or has "Unsubscribed".

Add a person (PURPLE): To add an additional contact person(s), click the blue "Add a person" button on the top right of the screen. A "New Contact" box will open and will have the current contact(s), along with a green button to "Add a Contact Person". Be sure to click "Update" to save any changes made.

Make any needed changes to the customer's info, then click "Update" at the bottom of the box.

Note: If a customer calls / emails requesting not to receive anymore emails from your company, Rather than removing their email from their profile, in the "Edit Contact" box, you would uncheck the four (4) email types shown above (Event Emails, Sales Funnel Emails, Booked Job Emails, and Job Completed Email).

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