When you are viewing a estimate you can update the related / customer contact information on any page of the estimate.

If you would like to add, edit, or remove a name on a estimate on the top left just click on the orange "Pencil" icon.

When you click on the orange "Pencil" the below popup will show. From here you can update the first and last name as well as the email address for this contact.

  • The RED outlined drop down will allow you to select what type of contact it is.

  • The GREEN outlined "Add a Phone" button is to add phone numbers to the specific contact.

  • The ORANGE outlined "Show Addresses" button is to show and edit any addresses for this contact. These are not related to the estimate. This is for putting mailing address, etc.

  • The PURPLE outlined "Add a Contact Person" button is to add an additional person to this account. An example would be to have both a husband and wife, or if a commercial job to list different employees.

When done making any changed on this popup just click "Update" (YELLOW).
NOTE: This popup will automatically open each time you open an estimate. 

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