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Sync Setup of Booked Jobs for Google Calendar
Sync Setup of Booked Jobs for Google Calendar
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MoveitPro™ will synchronize your booked jobs calendar to your employees google accounts. When synced it will add a new calendar in the name of your company to their google calendar. They will then be able to check or uncheck it within their calendar program to view it or not. When jobs are cancelled, rescheduled, etc it will automatically sync it within their Google calendar for them.

The calendar events that are made will display the customer name, how many trucks, how many men, and the estimate price. If you then click on the calendar event it will have a link to the work-order that you can view without needing to login to MoveitPro™ which will show you all the information of the job.

To setup the sync go to the top of your screen and click on your "Username", and then "My Account".

You then fill out the field "Calendar Sync With Gmail" with your Gmail account login email.

Once you enter in your Gmail account into the "Calendar Sync With Gmail" click update and your company calendars will be synced with your gmail account.

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