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When an estimate is 100% complete and the customer decides not to book their move right away and is marked as 'pending', the next day (or however many days later your company decides upon) the customer will then appear in the "Follow Ups" tab.

As you can see above to the right of Follow Ups it shows how many follow ups are currently pending and needing to be contacted.

Search by employees (GREEN): Here is a drop-down bar that consists of all of your employees. This can be used to filter out your results by whose follow-ups you need to look through.

Search by Branches (YELLOW): Here is a drop-down bar that will consist of your different branches, if applicable. 

Search Follow-ups (BLUE): Here you will be able to type in an exact prospect, so you will not have to search through the whole page for a single person.

Once you have opened your "Follow-Ups" tab, you will be presented with a list of customers who need to be contacted to book their move. Click on a customer's name to open up his/her estimate, which will also have their contact information.

After opening the customer's estimate, attempting to contact him/ her, and creating a new event, the customer will be removed from follow ups. If the job is still pending, the follow-ups cycle starts over again.

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