From the Dashboard, click the “Create New Prospect”(inside orange square) button to begin a new estimate.

hen the “New Prospect” window appears, fill in the following info:

  • (Light pink) - Branches: If your company does not have more than one branch, this feature can be disabled.

  • (Light purple) - Sales Rep: This field will auto populate with the user’s name that is logged in.

  • (Green) - Referred by: How the customer heard about the company. This is helpful for advertising purposes to make sure advertising budgets are being used wisely.

  • (Yellow) - Company: The company’s name if it is a commercial move.

  • (Blue & Hot Pink) First & Last Name: The customer’s first and last name.

  • (Lime green) - Email: The customer’s email address.

  • (Grey) - “Add a Phone”: Click to add the customer's phone number(s) here, options for business phone, cell, home, or fax. If they have a business number, it will give you an extra bar for their extension.

  • “Add a Contact Person”:  Click to add additional contact persons.

When all information is filled out, click “Create” (this will only put the customer into the system) or "Estimate" (this will both put the customer into the system, as well as start a new estimate for him/ her).

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