1. Alphabetized Inventory: Clients now have the option to have their inventory show in alphabetical order vertically on Tab 2 of new estimates. To access this option, you will need to turn on the "Sort Vertically" setting in estimate settings.

Manage > Admin > Settings > Estimates > Estimate Settings > Labor Price Estimate

Inside "Labor Price Estimate" you will check on "Sort Inventory Vertically"

Once checked on, Inventory should sort alphabetically in all estimates like the example below.

2. Inventory Categories: Inventory Items are now able to be added to multiple categories.

This allows the same item to show in multiple categories on tab 2 of the estimating process.

3. New Move Type: A new move type has been added to the drop-down on tab 1 of the estimating process. You are now able to select "Storage" as a service option.

This will reflect on the BOL, the Estimate, and the customer portal. This option should be used to denote clients who are moving their belongings into long-term storage.

4. Sales by Type of Service: A new report has been developed for Sales by Type of Service. This will sort all moves in a given period by the Service Type selected on Tab 1 of the estimate.

Reports > Sales > Sales By Type Of Service

Below shows the information that will populate on this report.

Date Range (RED): You must enter a date range for any report inside MoveitPro.

Move Date/Detailed Filters (ORANGE): Allows you to refine the information by move date or allow you to see a detailed version of the report with each move listed.

View (YELLOW): Shows the report on the page

Export to PDF/CSV (GREEN): Exports the report to PDF or CSV to be saved and printed

5. Dispatch Page - Foremen Listed by First Name and Last Initial

You will now have the option to see foreman on the dispatch page listed by First Name and Last Initial rather than just Initials. You can turn this on in your company's Identity Page.

Manage > Admin > Settings > Corporate > Identity

From here you will scroll down to "Dispatch page foremen listing with:"

When "Name" is selected, the names of the assigned crew members will appear on the dispatch page like the example below.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Image Upload not working for claims - intermittent. This has been fixed.

  2. Sales Funnel Email sent post-booking. This has been corrected.

  3. Google Calendar Sync not updating in real-time. This has been fixed.

  4. Phone Number formatting incorrect - International Companies: This is fixed.

  5. Password Reset - Incorrect Reset URL. This has been fixed.

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