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January 2021 Updates and Bug Fixes
January 2021 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro January 2021 - Updates and New Features

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1. Call Center: We have launched a call center feature for clients who choose to have MoveitPro answer calls, create estimates for new leads, and follow up on previous estimate requests.

MoveitPro's new call center takes the Customer Service level you expect in your interactions with MoveitPro support and extends that to your clients! We can handle as many calls as you would like. With this service, you have the option to only send overflow calls to be answered, redirect calls after hours, or leave all contact duties to the professionals at MoveitPro.

If you are interested in using our call center feature, please reach out via phone or chat to get started!

2. New Sales by Referral Source filter: The Sales by Referral Source report is now able to be filtered by move date. Typically this report shows Sales by Referral Source information based on the job's Closed Out date.

Using this filter allows you to view the Sales amounts by their move date.

3. Booked Job - Urgent Notification: A new Urgent notification has been created to let you know when a job is booked by another sales rep.

4. Cubic Feet Tariff: Cubic Feet tariffs have been added to the options for long distance moves in MoveitPro. A cubic feet tariff will charge a specific rate based on the cubic feet of the estimate. The image below is a sample of a Cubic Feet tariff.

This sample should not be used inside your system unless it has been cleared by your state's DOT for use by your company.

You are able to add this tariff in the menu below.

Manage > Admin > Settings > Estimates > Mileage Tariff

From Here Select "Add Mileage Tariff Group" (RED) and make sure to check "Per CuFt" (GREEN). Click create to add this to your tariffs.

The last step is to get the columns and rows for the chart. The CuFt Tariff only requires you to enter the miles ranges to generate the blank tariff.

This opens Miles Range Management. Here you will enter the Miles Ranges according to your tariff.

With this set, you are able to add price per cuft.

Please note: MoveitPro employees will enter tariffs for you. The first page of data entry is free, afterwards a data entry charge will apply.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Some Jobs not showing in Accounting > Close Out Jobs. This has been fixed.

  2. Esign Shortcode not working in BOL V2 Notes. This has been corrected.

  3. Estimate date not matching moving company's time zone. This has been fixed.

  4. Client Tags not showing: This has been fixed.

  5. Some Signatures not Porting over from app. This has been fixed.

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