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December 2020 Updates and Bug Fixes
December 2020 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro December 2020 - Updates and New Features

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1. Client Tags: We have added the ability to add tags to customer accounts. These can be used to flag clients and are not visible to the customer. The labels and colors are able to be customized in this menu.

Manage > Admin > Settings > Application > Client Tags

From here, you can add and edit tags.

"Tag Name" (RED) - Verbiage that will appear on the tag

"Tag Colour" (ORANGE) - Allows you to refine per day price by branch

"Actions" (YELLOW) - Allows you to Update or Delete a specific tag

"Add New Tag" (GREEN) - Opens a menu for you to enter a new tag

Below you can see the Required fields for a new tag:

"Name" (RED) - Shows the price per day based on information selected in the select branches and select date fields

"Color" (BLUE) - Allows you to select the color of the client tag

Tags can be added to a client in their account data page as shown in the GIF below

This tag will display in all client estimates, in the account data page, and on the invoice. Tags will not display in any client-facing areas and are for internal use only.

2. Checkbox to Assign Movers to a Survey : A checkbox has been added to the Survey process to allow Helpers and Drivers to be assigned to the survey.

Checking this box will allow Helpers and Drivers to appear in the "Estimator" drop down box.

3. Events Display in Activity Feed: You are able to see recent events in the Activity Feed for clients

Bug Fixes:

  1. Additional Charge creating blank lines on invoice. This has been fixed.

  2. Claims iFrame size limit too low. This has been adjusted. Files will no automatically compress to meet the size limit.

  3. SMS not being received by movers (intermittent). This has been fixed.

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