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November 2020 Updates and Bug Fixes
November 2020 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro November 2020 - Updates and New Features

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1. Hourly Rates - Different Rates per day: We have added the ability to add man hour rates per Calendar Date. You can activate this option under Manage > Admin > Settings > Estimates > Estimate Settings > Hourly Rate Type > Hourly Rate per Day

Selecting this option will give you the menu pictured below.

"Select date to view price" (RED) - This allows you to see the prices for different calendar dates

"Select Branches" (ORANGE) - Allows you to refine per day price by branch

"View" (YELLOW) - Generates the price per day list based on the parameters from the previous two boxes.

"Add Per Day Price" (GREEN) - Opens a menu for you to enter a new hourly rate per day.

Below you can see the Required fields for this rate:

"Price Per Day" (BLUE) - Shows the price per day based on information selected in the select branches and select date fields

Hourly Rate (PURPLE) - Shows regular hourly rates based on your system defaults. If the price per day is not set for the estimated date, regular hourly rate will be used in the estimate.

2. Activity Feed Update: Event Feed has been updated to Activity Feed with icon updates for Emails and SMS. These will show in order from the most recent activity at the top to the oldest activity at the bottom.

Emails ( LIME GREEN) - Emails will show with a lime green envelope icon

Automated SMS (BLUE) - SMS messages automatically generated from the system will display with a blue messenger icon

SMS (PURPLE) - SMS sent by sales reps to the client will display with a purple messenger icon

3. Back to Employee List: You are now able to navigate directly back to the Employee List in HR from an Employee's account.

4. Previous Year/Next year options in Booked Jobs Calendar: You are able to navigate to different years from the Booked Jobs Calendar.

5. Navigate directly to BOL or Invoice from Customer's Account: The "Moves" Tab of the Customer account now has separate navigations for the BOL and the Invoice

Digital BOL (RED) - Opens directly to the client's Bill of Lading with their signatures

Invoice (GREEN) - Opens directly to the Invoice for payment collection, payroll submission, and any adjustments that need to be made to the final bill

6. SMS Status Available in Related People tab: You will now be able to see if a client has unsubscribed from SMS in the "Related People" tab.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Edit Estimate - Keep on Schedule is not updating pricing/men on dispatch page. This has been fixed.

  2. Defaulted Additional Charges not transferring to Adjusted Estimates. This is fixed and working accordingly.

  3. Arrival Time on Estimate and Confirmation SMS is not matching Confirmation Window. This has been fixed.

  4. Unable to Save Inventory on Mobile - This has been fixed

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