1. Edit Estimate without rebooking: Functionality for editing estimates has been changed. Editing will no longer automatically remove a booked Job from the schedule. You will have the option to remove the job from the schedule or keep it on the schedule.

"Remove From The Schedule" (RED) - This will allow you to edit the estimate and remove it from the schedule. This requires the estimate to be manually rebooked.

"Keep On The Schedule" (GREEN) - This allows you to change pricing, men, trucks, add inventory, and make any other changes to the estimate you may need. The job will stay on the schedule and no new emails will be resent to the customer. After selecting this option, you will have the opportunity to recalculate the price.

Selecting "Yes" will allow you to update the price of a booked job based on the information you are inputting.

Selecting "No" will keep the existing price of the booked job but allow you to update any other information.

2. Schedule Survey Update (RELEASING TUESDAY 10/13): A new option has been added to Tab 1 of all estimates. This option will allow you to schedule an in-home estimate directly from Tab 1, rather than creating a task and attaching it to an existing estimate.

On Tab 1 of the estimate, you will have the option to select "Schedule a Survey" after entering the Origin and Destination. (Note: if you do not have a destination, you may enter the same address in both the origin and destination fields and update at a later date).

Clicking "Yes" will take you to the Office calendar to pick a date for the Survey.

After selecting a date, you will see a confirmation window where you will add final details to your in-home estimate.

Arrival Time (RED): Time of the survey

Estimator (ORANGE): Staff member you are scheduling to the survey

Contact Person (YELLOW): Name of the customer. This is auto-populated when you are scheduling a survey from tab 1 of the estimate.

Phone (GREEN): Add a phone number for the customer. If there is one already associated to this customer, it will auto-populate.

Estimate (BLUE): Estimate number for the survey. This auto-populates from Tab 1.

Comments (Purple): Add any comments your estimator may need to know before heading to their survey.

The Survey will show on the Office calendar (above).

Surveys will also show on the "Booked Jobs" schedule as a day note (above).

3. Employee Time Zone: The time zone for new employees will now default according to the branch they are assigned to.

4. Automated Emails - Filter by branch: New dropdown in Automated Emails allows you to filter email templates according to branch.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Invoice shortcode not populating. This has been fixed.

  2. Jobs intermittently not assigning to trucks. This is fixed and working accordingly.

  3. Payments tab not generating for Customers with a cancelled move. This has been fixed.

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