1. Activity Boxes: Activities will appear at the top of the account data page for all customers. This will show how many calls have been made*, how many texts have been exchanged, how many emails have been sent, and how many days until their upcoming move. *Please note that calls made will count any time "phone" is selected as part of the activity in a new event.

2. New Email Trigger - Task Due: You can now request an email be sent to office staff when a task is due. This will remind them to complete follow up calls or any other tasks that are assigned. You can also set this to go out in advance to let them know the task is coming up.

3. Custom Room: When using "Inventory by room" there is now the option to add a custom room.

This allows you to add rooms that would not ordinarily be in the system. It will show on all the same areas as other rooms used in Inventory by Room including the customer portal and bill of lading.

4. Add Addresses on Manual Jobs: You are now able to add origin and destination addresses to Manual Jobs.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Email addresses changing in past emails. This has been fixed.

  2. Jobs moving from Accounting > Closed Out Jobs. This is fixed and working accordingly.

  3. Unable to send SMS with the "enter" button. This has been fixed.

  4. Opening Balance on Storage doubling charges. This has been fixed.

5. Mobile formatting for "Inventory by Room" not working. This is fixed.

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