Our new Foreman App allows you to handle all aspects of dispatching and closing out moves from any mobile device. You will have access to digital invoices and payment processing even when working offline. Our new dispatching feature allows you to notify customers when their truck is arriving! All the best features of MoveitPro™ are now available at your fingertips. GPS Tracking for your fleet is also available through the app! Keep reading below to check that your system is ready for the next step with MoveitPro.

  1. Check your BOL settings: The only Bill of Ladings that is compatible with the MoveitPro app is BOL version 2. You can update or verify this in your settings.

Make sure that BOL V2 is on before you attempt to use the app.

2. Make sure that you have pro app permissions on your account: GPS and Payment processing are only available to Pro App users. To turn on this feature, please open a support chat with a MoveitPro team member and ask for this to be turned on in your permissions.

3. Clear Your Cache: MoveitPro users should regularly clear their cache. Clearing your cache removes any old data from your phone that may prevent you from accessing MoveitPro's newest features. Please ask a MoveitPro support specialist for instructions if you do not know how to do this.

4. Update Your Mobile Device: Using the most current operating system on your phone is the best way to ensure you have access to all of MoveitPro's features.

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