1. Referral Partners Source: When choosing the referral source "Partner Source" is selected, it will create a drop-down underneath where additional referral sources can be selected along with an option for "custom". This will allow you to manually type in a referral source.

2. Moves Not Booked This Month and Avg. Move Value This Month: two new boxes on the top of the Dashboard will show Moves Not Booked This Month and Avg. Move Value This Month. Moves not booked is based on estimates marked "not interested". Clicking on this box will generate a list of all these jobs. Avg. Move Value this month is based on all booked estimates for the month and will display the average cost of all these jobs.

3. Show Manual Jobs on Dashboard Stats: When a manual job is entered into the system now, they will show under the "Booked Jobs" box on the dashboard.

4. Directional Time: Allows you to provide crews with driving directions to and from the worksite and any stops. This is printed with the work order.

5. Inventory by Room: Inventory on tab 2 can now be divided by room. This will be broken down in the estimate and the customer portal.

In tab 2 of your estimate you will select "add a room"

This dropdown allows you to select the room.

Inventory will display under the selected room.

6. Crew Confirmation Schedule: crews are able to be scheduled via SMS. Crew members will have the option to accept or decline jobs via text message. These messages are generated by office users.

7. New Report - Sales by Booking Date: This report will display the Customer's Name, Booking Date, Move Date, Sales Rep, Location/Branch, and the Total.

8. New Section in Estimate Settings for Not To Exceed Service Quoted Defaults: This section works the same as the Hourly and guaranteed Service Quoted Defaults, only is for the Not To Exceed estimates.

9. New IFrame for customer's to file Claims: This will allow the customer to file a claim via their customer portal. Once they fill in the information shown below, they will then sign and submit the form. The form will automatically transfer into the Claims tab within your system.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Formatting issues when using Ipad. This has been Fixed.

  2. Unable to accept signatures on the Digital BOL. This is fixed and working accordingly.

  3. Sales Funnel Emails still sending even when the option has been unchecked in the new event window. This has been fixed.

  4. Unable to Add Employees on the Closed Out Page. This has been fixed.

  5. Line Items not adding to the correct total. This has been fixed.

  6. Cannot add more than 24 hours on the Closed Out Page. This is fixed.

  7. Payroll for Multi-Day jobs not calculating right. This is fixed and working accordingly.

  8. Billed Job is reverting payroll hours to default. This has been fixed.

  9. Truck and Equipment fee not working based off of the estimate settings for "Minimum plus Travel Time". This is fixed.

  10. SMS sending out intermittently. These are now sending accordingly.

  11. Payments Received Report showing declined Payments. This is Fixed.

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