1. Not-To-Exceed Defaults Page:  There is a new section inside of "Estimate Settings" where you now have the ability to adjust default notes, and default services, as well as fields hidden from customer for the Not-To-Exceed Option.

  2. Crew Confirmations: This requires the SMS Messaging feature. If SMS is not setup this will not show in your system. This gives the option under identity to have the ability to create automated crew schedules. Crew Confirmations allows your movers to accept or decline working shifts and will allow you to schedule or remove from the schedule based off of their response.

  3. Notification when Editing a Scheduled Estimate: When editing a scheduled estimate there will now be a pop-up notification warning you this estimate will be removed from the schedule.

  4. Follow-up Override Option: This option is now able to work for pending jobs and leads. You are now able to pick an exact time and date for the override, not just a date. 

Bug Fixes:

  1. Employee hours not reflecting on the payroll labor report for the date the job was closed out. This has been Fixed.

  2. Emails are going to clients spam folder. This has been fixed.

  3. Scheduled jobs are showing as 100% in the customer account instead of booked. This has been fixed.

  4. Signature box on BOL not allowing signatures to be accepted. This has been fixed. 

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