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March 2020 Updates and Bug Fixes
March 2020 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro March 1st, 2020 - March 15th, 2020 - Updates and New Features

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  1. Not-To-Exceed Defaults Page:  There is a new section inside of "Estimate Settings" where you now have the ability to adjust default notes, and default services, as well as fields hidden from customer for the Not-To-Exceed Option.

  2. Time Block Development: On the dispatch page there is now the ability to add manual jobs directly to the calendar. This does not create invoices - but it will show that there is a scheduled job if Movers are assigned to it. With this development you will have the ability to manually enter all of the information about the move, and if this is a new customer you can manually enter the first and last name and it will create a customer account based off of this window - if it is an existing customer you also have the ability to search the customer and have their name populate. It will then populate a very simple version of a work-order for the movers as well.

  3. Cover Sheet Option: If you have a job scheduled to a truck there is now the option to select "Print Jobs" and you can check off the option to print a "Cover Sheet" for the jobs on any specific truck. If there is more than one job on that truck it will list them as Job 1, Job 2, etc. The checklist on the Cover Sheet can be manually adjusted by going into the Branch under Identity.

  4. Referral Partners Source:  There is now the functionality when selecting a Referral Source you can select the source "Partner Source" and it will create a drop-down where additional referral sources can be selected along with the option of "Custom". Custom will allow you to manually type in the reference on the spot.

  5. Word Orders for Manual jobs: When clicking "Add Manual Job" on the Dispatch Page, it will create a work order for the new job and allow it to be printed out like any other work order.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Employee hours not reflecting on the payroll labor report for the date the job was closed out. This has been Fixed.

  2. Movers are listed several times for a multi-day moves. The has been Fixed.

  3. Unable to use Search Bar to find new customers. This is Fixed.

  4. Clients not automatically going from Active to In-active and vice versa. This is working accordingly now.

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