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February 2020 Updates and Bug Fixes
February 2020 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro February 15th, 2020 - March 1st, 2020 - Updates and New Features

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  1. New feature to submit portions of payroll for different days for multi-day jobs (SEE IMAGE ABOVE) - You will be able to do this on the "Closed Out Jobs" Page. You will be able to select the employees for that day and submit their payroll. When using the “Submit Payroll” button, the job will still remain open and the foremen will still see it in their dashboard until the job is fully closed out.

  2. New line item "Truck and Equipment Fee" in services quoted column. - When "Truck and Equipment Fee" is CHECKED, it will carry over to the pricing column on tab 6 of estimate and automatically hide the "Travel Time" on the pricing break down and replace the "Travel Fee" with the "Truck and Equipment Fee".

  3. For Multi-Branch Companies you are now able to filter Manual Payroll Hours by Branch. - Payroll hours can now be filtered by branch inside of the manual payroll tab, under the employee's account, and under the payroll report. This will allow you to have the manual payroll for each day split if you are choosing to filter by different branches, rather than view all. 

Bug Fixes:

  1. Storage Monthly Charge not transferring to Quickbooks. This has been Fixed.

  2. Multi-Day Jobs duplicating in Payroll. The has been Fixed.

  3. Travel Time not calculating accurately. This is Fixed.

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