1. New Email Trigger for Claims - This email will send to the customer upon creation of a claim to inform them that a claim was filed.

  2. Auto-pay Line Item in Storage Portal - Inside of the storage portal, it is now going to show whether the payment was an Automatic Payment, or if this was a manual payment.

  3. Payroll Manual Entry can now be filtered - The manual entry section for payroll under the accounting tab can now be filtered by the branch so that inside of the payroll report they can differentiate when pulling by each branch which branch the manual entry was associated with.

  4. New Section on Confirmation Window to upload Documents - This can be found right above below the section to add packing materials. This new section will give you the ability to upload documents including PDF's, JPEG, & PNG. Once the documents are uploaded they will display as thumbnails within the confirmation window. Jobs with Documents attached will have the icon shown below:

Bug Fixes:

  1. Customer portal is showing hourly rate per men for a guaranteed quote. This has been Fixed.

  2. Unable to Split payments. The has been Fixed.

  3. Customer Portal is showing hourly rate for Guaranteed Quotes. This is Fixed.

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