1. “Job Stacking” - We have created it so that when jobs are put under the same truck it is going to adjust the amount of men at the top of the daily schedule to show the total men needed for all “Trucks” instead of all jobs individually.

  2. The "Labor Price Estimate" Tab can now be set per dollar/cent instead of just a flat number.

  3. “Location Customization” - This allows for the job block on the schedule to instead of saying the “City to City” you can customize what's stated in here based off of each job. For Example - You can enter that the movers are “Waiting on Truck” or “Loading.”

  4. We have created a function for "3rd Party Billing". The functionality of this allows companies to have a 3rd party biller that will receive all emails about the job and the billing information.

  5. The total miles are now going to show on the non-detailed report for payroll.

  6. The "Moves" Tab is now going to show even when there are no estimates inside of the customer account. This will allow you to add past jobs into the system without having to have any estimates shown.

  7. Inside of Type of Services it will now show "Loading" and "Unloading" as options .

  8. There is a new option when going through the estimating process where instead of “Traveling Services” you can select “Truck and Equipment Fee”. This is going to remove the amount of hours of “Travel Time” from any areas in the system, it is going to populate the same price that the “Traveling Services” would have but its going to be titled different and not show the “Travel Time.”

Bug Fixes:

  1. When "Dead Lead" is selected in new event window it is sending the "Not Interested" Email. No email should go out in this scenario. This is fixed.

  2. Printed BOL is incorrect. This is fixed and working accordingly.

  3. Chrome Caching Issue - unable to click Calculate on Tab 1. This has been Fixed.

  4. Estimates by customer report not showing the correct amount of estimates booked. This is showing accurately now.

  5. Email Verification Bypass Checkbox not showing in all sections of the system. This is now appearing anywhere an email address can be entered.

  6. Rescheduled Email is sending out multiple times for multi day jobs. This is now only sending a single email.

  7. Commission amount is doubling in the Total calculations on the Close out Jobs Page. This is now calculating correctly.

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