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December 2019 Updates and Bug Fixes
December 2019 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro December 15th, 2019 - Updates and New Features

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  1. New function to sort the Follow-ups Tab to Filter by Branch. This will now work like the Leads Tab.

  2. New option to filter the Daily Schedule to the branch they are trying to look at instead of it reverting to all branches.

  3. Scroll bars added to Estimates By Customer Report to make it easier to navigate.

  4. New notification for declined payments that says "Card declined by issuing bank."

Bug Fixes:

  1. Not-To-Exceed feature was pulling from Max Hours should have been pulling from Estimated Hours. This is fixed.

  2. Daily Schedule is switching back to all branches when switching through days. This is fixed and working accordingly.

  3. Surcharge not transferring to closed out page. This has been Fixed.

  4. Guaranteed Price not adding up accurately. This has been identified and Fixed.

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