The estimate reverting notification is to prevent any manual changes on an estimate to revert when you go to edit an estimate. 

For example: If you were to manually adjust the moving hours on a job, and then select edit estimate and go to add additional inventory the moving hours are going to revert to what the system calculates.
With this feature turned on, if you go to edit the estimate, it will pop up with a prompt to ask "Would you like to recalculate the price? If yes, the existing price breakdown will be void?"
If you select no in this circumstance, it will save all of the pricing and hours you have added into the estimate.
If you select yes the pricing will go back to the pricing MoveitPro recommended and you will not be able retrieve the previous pricing adjustments you had saved to that estimate. 

How to turn this feature on: 

To turn this feature on you will want to navigate to the following area:
Manage > Admin > Settings > Corporate > Identity

Once inside of the Identity tab you will find an area that says Estimate reverting notification, here you will be able to select to "turn on" or "turn off" and select "Update" once switched. (purple box)

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