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Updating Labor Price Rates
Updating Labor Price Rates

Updating your hourly rates

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In order to update your hourly rates per crew size you will want navigate to the following:

Manage > Estimate Settings > Main Estimate Settings

Inside the Main Estimate Settings page, you will click into the labor price estimate tab (Hot Pink).

Inside of the labor price estimate tab you will see the page below: 

Add Labor Rate (Orange): This is where you can add a new labor rate, if you select inside of this window it gives you the option to add a new crew size, with a new hourly rate.

People (Teal): This column is going to give you the crew sizes that you have listed for your hourly rates. 

Price Per Hour (Lime Green): Adjusts your hourly rates for each individual crew size in the row across from it. 

Base Price (Navy Blue): Adds a base price of what you would charge the customer a starting fee before you start charging them hourly. 

Action (Purple): Anytime you make changes to the People, Price Per Hour, or Base Price fields you will want to select the green update button inside of this box, if you do not want to have a price for any particular crew size you can then use the trash can to delete that specific crew size from the list of rates. 

Minimum Hours (Brown): This is where you would adjust your minimum hours; or if you're utilizing the base price fee, this is where you would put in the amount of hours that would be covered by the base price cost. 

Charge After Minimum Hours (Light Pink): Checking off charge after minimum hours turns on the base price fee 

**If you do not have a base price fee you will want to leave this box unchecked as the customers will then not be charged for your minimum amount of hours, and only charged for the hours following**

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