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Digital Bill of Lading Review Option
Digital Bill of Lading Review Option

option for customers to leave reviews on the Digital BOL

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Inside of the Digital Bill of Lading when selecting the submit button, we have a feature that can be turned on  for the customer to leave a 1-5 star review with a written statement on how your crew did.

The way this feature works:
Once the Bill of Lading has been completed the movers will select the "Submit" button (Yellow Box) at the bottom of the bill of lading. 

Selecting the "submit" button will bring up the following pop-up: 

Red Box: This is the verbiage the customer will see requesting them to leave the review, this area is able to be adjusted and customized to each company to stipulate what you would like for this to say.

Orange Box: This is where the customer would be able to select the number of stars that they would rate your crew members on how they did, 1 being poor, and 5 being absolutely wonderful.

Green Box: The customer would have the ability to add in any additional comments about how the movers did on their job, and how their move went overall.
Purple Box: This is the submit button, once the customer has filled out all of the information above this box they would then be able to submit the information to go directly into your system so you can view how your movers did on the job.

Pink Box: If the customer decides that they do not want to leave any kind of rating, or written review they can select the "No, Thank You" option to proceed with submitting the job without being forced to leave the review. 

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